Team Formation

  • A list of potential players for each Chapter will be compiled from the Intent to Play forms, ordered by Chapter then Handicap Index, lowest to highest.
  • Teams will be limited to the 12 players with the lowest Handicap Indexes. Chapters with less than 12 eligible players will be combined with players from other Chapters in the Region to form a complete team.
  • Regional Qualifier will be limited to 10 teams. If a Region has more than 10 teams, teams will be selected by lot. Those teams not receiving a spot in the current year will be on a priority list for the following year.
  • After teams have been formed, a Team Confirmation form listing the selected players will be sent to each player. Each team must confirm receipt of the form and submit their selection of a Team Captain. The Captain may or may not be a member of the team.
  • Any player who is not selected for a team will receive a refund of their Intent to Play fee.
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